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Aug 1, 2023

Beijing Imperial Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) | Beijing, China

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The Summer Palace (simplified Chinese颐和园traditional Chinese頤和園pinyinYíhéyuán) is a vast ensemble of lakes, gardens and palaces in Beijing. It was an imperial garden in the Qing dynasty. Inside includes Longevity Hill (万寿山; 萬壽山; Wànshòu ShānKunming Lake and Seventeen Hole Bridge. It covers an expanse of 2.9 square kilometres (1.1 sq mi), three-quarters of which is water.

Summer Palace in Beijing

Summer Palace in Beijing

WanderStories. 2012

Dear Traveler, Welcome to the WanderStories™ tour of the Summer Palace in Beijing. We, at WanderStories™, are storytellers. We don’t tell you where to eat or sleep, we don’t intend to replace a typical travel reference guide. Our mission is to be the best local guide that you would wish to have by your side when visiting the sights. So, we meet you at the sight and take you on a tour. WanderStories™ travel guides are unique because our storytelling style puts you alongside the best local...

Top 50 Best Things to do in Beijing, China

Top 50 Best Things to do in Beijing, China

NK. 2023

Welcome to Beijing, a captivating city where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with modern innovation. This list presents an enticing array of 50 remarkable activities that will allow you to delve into the heart and soul of Beijing. Embark on a journey through time as you wander the historic grounds of the Forbidden City, exploring its opulent palaces, intricate architecture, and imperial treasures. Feel the magnitude of history beneath your feet as you walk along the iconic Great Wall...

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