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Apr 5, 2020

Dim Sum

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Dim sum is one of my favorite cuisines. It originated in Hong Kong, and we normally have it several times whenever we go and visit family there in Hong Kong. The food is typically served in small dishes and are beautiful in appearance. The variety of dishes and selection seems endless. There is so many food types to choose from to suit your flavor palate and dietary preference. We like anything with seafood in it like shrimp, scallops, crab and lobster. My wife enjoys the veggie and pork dishes and chicken feet. Yes, you heard me right – chicken feet! It’s actually a food delicacy in Asia-Pac region. The kids love the sweet stuff like the cakes, donuts and sesame balls with red bean. Start drooling because there is so much to choose from. Check out the the images and videos below for more details!



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