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Apr 13, 2022

Marukame Udon | Oahu, Hawaii

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Jordan at Marukame Udon in Waikiki

We heard about Marukame Udon from several friends on the mainland, and there is one in San Ramon, CA where we live. However, we ended up having our first taste of their freshly made udon noodles in Waikiki (Oahu, Hawaii). We ended up waiting in line for almost an hour since the queue wrapped around a block corner from where the restaurant was located on Kuhio Avenue across and near Waikiki’s International Market Place, but it was ok because the weather was nice in Hawaii, the people were friendly and we were hungry for some noodles.

I ordered the kake udon, the wife had nikutama udon, and the boys shared a chicken katsu bowl. We also got some tempura shrimp, squid and chicken. There are a lot of other items to eat there like their musubi and onigiri rolls, but the eyes are sometimes bigger than the stomach and moderation was key given all the local food we wanted to eat in Hawaii. Check out the pics and videos below! Overall, the udon was probably the best I have eaten outside of Japan.

Marukame Udon website –

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