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Apr 6, 2020

Strawberry Picking at Gizdich Ranch | Gilroy, CA

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We learned about Gizdich Ranch from my cousin who lives in Gilroy, CA. Before Thanksgiving, we had some family from Hawaii visit and my cousin took them to Gizdich Ranch where they picked a lot of strawberries. Thank goodness they saved some for Thanksgiving, or else I might not have had the joy of trying these strawberries. On the dessert table, there were these huge strawberries tempting everybody there. When I took a bite into one of them, it was so sweet and juicy. It reminded me of eating a sweet piece of candy, but the difference being it was a natural fruit with nutrients and healthy for you. I ate a lot of them, and they also gave us some to take home. Very grateful for that and that’s what family ohana is all about.

So, we decided to take Jordan and Jacob to Gizdich Ranch to experience strawberry picking. When we got there, it wasn’t overly crowded considering it was a day before mother’s day when we went. There were a lot of strawberries that were ripe and ready to be taken and eaten. We picked several pounds worth of strawberries.

The ranch also grows apples, ollalaberries and other fruits that are also available for picking when readily ripe and in season. With all the fruit that they grow, they are also known for their fruit pies, cakes and juices. They also have a small food area where you can buy these sweet goodies and eat, drink and be merry.

Also, if you like to shop like my wife does, you might as well also go to the Gilroy Premium Outlets to get you shop on! Check out the Gizdich Ranch pics below and give it a try!

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