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Apr 4, 2020

Disneyland | Shanghai, China

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We had the opportunity to go to Shanghai Disneyland thanks to my wife’s mom, who arranged and paid for this trip for the whole family. It is the largest Disneyland in Asia, and we stayed overnight at the resort hotel that is right across from the amusement park. There is a short 5-10 minute ferry boat ride from the hotel to the amusement park. I guess the water in between the park and the hotel resembles a fairytale moat of water separating the two. With all the children, grandchildren, and their families there, I can tell my mother and father-in-law were happy. It is not very often that the whole family gets together since we all are dispersed across several continents with older brother in Shanghai, China, younger brother in Hong Kong and us in the USA.

Overall, the customer base was primarily mainland Chinese folks. Just remember this is in Asia, which is culturally different than the USA. There are certain things that are different, and you’ll notice it once you get there.


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