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Apr 13, 2022

Mango Mango Dessert | Oahu, Hawaii

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We learned about Mango Mango Dessert while driving around Oahu and listening to a local radio station (I believe it was KCCN/FM100) giving away gift certificates to their listeners.

Our family loves mangos, and locally grown Hawaii mangos are sweet and juicy. When in season (May to October in Hawaii), my aunt and uncle in Aiea would have a bunch growing on their mango tree in the backyard. Boy, I remember how sweet and juicy those mangos were and all the mango juice dripping when eating them. Also, my wife would always get mango sago desserts in Hong Kong whenever we go back, but we couldn’t find anything comparable outside of Hong Kong.

Could Mango Mango Dessert have something similar to the Hong Kong-style mango sago? I researched a bit before we went to Mango Mango Dessert in Ala Moana (there are two on Oahu with the other one at Pearlridge Center) and found out that the chain originally started in NYC’s Chinatown and served up Hong Kong inspired desserts. Everything sounded good, and we decided to give it a try . . .

Well, nothing compares to the taste and cheaper price of the original Hong Kong versions that we eat in Hong Kong, but it seems like the Mango Mango Dessert version in Hawaii of mango sago was close enough to the Hong Kong-style version in taste that we ate it all. They serve a whole bunch of different types of desserts, and we tried their mango sago and a mango mille crepe cake. See the pics . . . However, the price in my opinion was a little on the expensive side and I believe we get a bigger bang for the buck when I eat this stuff in Hong Kong. Check out the pics and videos below!

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