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Apr 5, 2020

Zippy’s Hawaii

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This post is for the non-Hawaii folks! If you are a local, you can probably skip reading this post because anyone who has ever lived in Hawaii for an extended amount of time should already know about Zippy’s restaurants, and shame on you and quite shocking if you are, or were a local, and don’t.

Zippy’s is a Hawaii-based fast food restaurant chain serving up a lot of locally inspired food dishes from the ethnic and culturally diverse people residing there – Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and others. The restaurant chain is pretty much Hawaii-centric with only one restaurant planning to open outside of the state in Las Vegas, Nevada. That lone outlier in Las Vegas makes sense since a lot of Hawaii folks like to go there. Vegas stuff like gambling is illegal in Hawaii, but we all know the locals have hush-hush friendly games here and there.

Zippy’s restaurants have a dine-in area if you want to sit down, relax and eat, and a take-out order area if you are on the go and need to take your food for carry-out to eat at the beach, park or where ever. My favorites are the Korean fried chicken, chili frank, zip pac bento box, saimin, and the breakfast portuguese sausage, corn beef hash with eggs and rice. Zippy’s is known as well for their world famous chili, which is sold for school fundraising sometimes or sold in buckets to bring home.

From what I remember, each Zippy’s restaurant also has an affiliated Napoleon’s Bakery connected to it. The bakery sells cakes, malasadas, donuts and other pastries. I personally enjoy eating their light and flakey napples, which are apple turnovers.

Check out the videos and images below and dine with all the Hawaii locals when you are there!



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