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Dec 27, 2022

Pokemon Cards | Jordan’s Current Obsession

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During the latter part of 2022, Jordan became obsessed with Pokemon cards. It reminds me of when I was a kid over 40 years ago collecting baseball cards, basketball cards and comics while growing up in Hawaii. However, the packs nowadays are 10x what they used to be. I was collecting stuff at 50 cents per pack when I was a kid ~40 years ago, but Jordan’s Pokemon packs average out to around $5 per pack. Whew, inflation!!!

My wife and I were skeptical about this stuff at first. The first several packs he opened made him happy, but looking at the prices of the cards that he pulled had us wondering if this was just money going down the drain as most of the cards he pulled were worth pennies when looking online.

However, we bought some Pokemon cards at Costco since that is what he wanted for his Christmas present. To our surprise, after opening all his packs and looking online at the prices of some of the cool-looking cards. He pulled a ~$500 card, which is not bad for the amount of money we put into buying some Pokemon card packs.

Jordan’s Lucky Card Pull – Pokemon Umbreon VMax Alternate Art (~$500)

We are happy that he is happy! Merry Christmas Jordan! Luck is on your side . . .

Pokemon Price Guide –

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