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Sep 26, 2020

Binangonan | Rizal, Philippines

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Jordan and Jacob’s paternal great grandparents are from Binangonan, which is a town in Rizal, Philippines. A lot of barangays (i.e., barrio or neighborhoods) in Binangonan, and our family is from Barangay Libis. The great grandparents had 11 children in total (actually 14 if you count 3 that did not make it all the way to adulthood). That’s them in the middle of the pic below with Great Grandpa Arcadio’s handwriting on the picture with the numbers written to help identify the children and Great Grandma Bonifacia (aka, Pacing) holding Grandpa Eddie. When you are writing numbers, that’s when you know you have a lot of kids!

More to come soon . . . In the meantime, check out the videos and images of Binangonan. If you are interested in connecting to the Binangonan Associations of Northern California and Southern California, we provide the Facebook links to these groups below.

Click to Access Facebook Page

BASC | Binangonan Association of Southern California

Binangonan Catholic High School

Buy Homes in Binangonan, Philippines

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